ESL Games for Kids

Here you will find a growing collection of ESL games for kids. Games play an important role in the language learning process for young learners. Young learners love to play, and they take part in games with more enthusiasm than in any other classroom task. Children learn better when they are active, so it is important that ESL teachers have a number of activities that engage, motivate and challenge their students. Above all, enjoy and have fun!

Creative Writing Activities for Young Learners

Creative Writing Prompt Generator

ESL Creativity Activity

Picture Dictation Game

Play your cards right!

ESL Countdown

Stop The Bus

Grass Skirts

5 Drawing Games

Whiteboard Games

Brain Breaks

ESL Connect Four

First Class Activities

Boredom Buster

Bomb / Bomb Interactive

Creating curiosity in the classroom


Quick Fire Vocabulary

ESL River – 

5 flashcard Games for young learners

Prepositions construction

Beat the clock

Spelling Knockout

Close your Eyes

Word Association 

Photographic Memory

Shout Out

What’s Missing? 

ESL Game: Just a Minute Tic Tac Toe

Derp, Derp