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5 ESL Writing Activities For Children

5 ESL Writing Activities For Children

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This post will look at some ways you can develop writing skills with young learners in the ESL classroom.


Develop motor skills with very young learners with tracing activities. Children trace shapes, letters or words from picture prompts on their partners hand’s or back. The children take turns and try to identify the word, shape etc


If you have mini whiteboards or even paper, get students to write down words from flash card prompts. Put a flash card on the board and students have to write down the word and then flip and show the word they have written. Great for revision and practicing spelling etc.

Word snakes

Word snakes are a great way to practice vocabulary, writing and spelling skills with young learners. Get students to make their own with groups of vocabulary, swap the word snakes and complete them.
ESL word snake young learners children kids writing skills and vocabulary www.eslkidsgames.com

One Minute Challenges

One minute writing challenges can be a great way to get young learners writing. Give students one minute to write as many words as they can from a given category.

Word Ordering Activities

Get students making full sentences with word ordering activities. This type of activity can be a great way of practicing sentence structure or practising grammar points.
Just give students sentences with the words jumbled. In pairs, students have to reorder a sentence.
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