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ESL Prepositions Game

ESL Prepositions Game

“Preposition Practice” is a great simple ESL game to practice prepositions of place with young learners. It’s a fun and interactive way to study prepositions of place that’s sure to be enjoyed by the whole class. 
Activity Time: 10 mins +
Materials required: flashcards.
Skills practiced: Vocabulary, writing and prepositions of place.
Level: Young learners
1. Choose a number of flashcards you want your students to revise. Hide them in different locations around the classroom.
2. Tell your students they need a pencil and paper. Tell them you have hidden X amount of flashcards in the room and they need to find them and write down their location on their piece of paper.
3. The first student to find all the flashcards and write their location is the winner.

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