Hacienda Yaxcopoil
    Password (aslo known as hot seat) is a simple ESL game that takes no pre-class preparation and is a great way for students to practice their vocabulary and speaking skills. This game is also a great ice breaker for teens but can also be used with young learners.

    Activity Time:  10 minutes +
    Materials required: White board and marker, a timer 
    Number of students: 2 +
    Skills practiced: Listening, speaking and Vocabulary.
    Level: All levels

    1. Divide the class into teams. You need a minimum of two per team.
    2. Place a chair in front of the white board facing away from the board.
    3. Write a word on the board, for example “car”
    4. One team member sits in the chair and the other team members have to explain the word on the board to the student in the chair (without saying the actual word. . If the student says the correct word the team are awarded a point. 

    Keep a score of the points and the team with the most amount of points is the winner. 

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