Hammer Phonics

    Hammer Phonics

    ESL Game Hammer PhonicsHammer phonics is a great ESL game for beginners with a low level of English. If properly organized and carried out, it is fun and will in no time become a popular game in class. This is a great game to practice and learn phonics in class.

    Duration: 10mins

    Materials required: Toy hammer and Phonics Flash Cards.

    Skills practiced: Phonics revision and quick response.

    Level: Beginners

    1. Introduce few phonics cards to the learners (Not more than 8 at a time, EXAMPLE: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H).
    2. After a proper introduction and teaching of the phonic cards put them on the floor.
    3. Hand toy hammers to two students at a time.
    4. Students should be instructed to raise their hammers as high as possible.
    5. Read out the phonetic sound that is related to a particular card

    Example: CARD 1 = A, A for Apple, CARD 2 = B, B for Ball, CARD 3 = C, C for Cat etc.

    1. The first learner to hit the right card and properly pronounce the right phonetic sound associated with that card is declared the winner.
    2. Transfer the hammers to new students and repeat the whole process.

    This simple game is easy to organize and it is always successful in class. It is important that the students are given plenty of time to prepare the target language before playing the game. It is a fun and engaging way to practice phonics with your students.

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