Creative Writing Activities for Young Learners

    Creative Writing Activities for Young Learners

    This post looks at creative Writing activities for young learnerswriting activities for young learners. 

    Story Building


    1. Write the following on the board.

    1  country

    2 famous people

    3 objects

    4 animals

    5 verbs

    2. In pairs, students must write one country two famous people’s names, three objects  etc.

    3. After they have written all the words, students must then create a story using the vocabulary.

    [spacer_small] [info]Make it more challenging: Get students to write the story using different tenses e.g past tense etc.[/info]
    [info]Check out this interactive story prompt generator. Help students get their imagination working. Click here.[/info] [spacer_small]

    Pre-reading warmer


    1. Before reading a text give students five key words or aspects from the text they are going to read.

    2. Get students to draw each word and give them 10 seconds per word.

    3. In groups, students predict what the story is about and then write a short story using their predictions.

    4. Get students to read their short stories to the other students and see if their predictions are similar or different.

    [spacer_small] [info]Alternative: Try this activity with the key lyrics from a song[/info] [spacer_small] [cta title=”5 ESL Writing Activities For Children” subtitle=”5 great activities to get young learners writing” text=”Click here” link=””] [spacer_small]

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