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Picture Dictation Game

Picture Dictation Game

Picture Dictation Game

In this activity you pick key vocabulary that you want your students to practice (for lists of vocabulary for the Cambridge exams click the links. Movers (see page 27) Flyers (see page 39).)


1. Give each student a piece of paper (or get them to take out their notebooks).

2. Before class select a number of words you want the students to practice. Tell the students that you want them to draw the word that you say. Tell them they can draw the pictures anywhere on the page but do not let the person beside them see where they are drawing.

3. Dictate the vocabulary. For this example I have chosen swan, house, tree, guitar, sun, orange. 

Students draw their secret pictures and each one will be different.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 14.13.23


4. When students are finished, put them in pairs and they ask questions about their pictures. Give students model language and do an example.

“In my picture the tree is next to the house on the left.”

The other student reply

“Yes that is the same as my picture “


“Sorry, my picture is different. In my picture…”

5. Students take turns describing the differences in each of their pictures until they have completed the picture.

This activity is especially useful for practicing for the Cambridge speaking exam but also practices vocabulary, prepositions etc.

Follow up ideas: Students draw their partners picture from the description they gave and then compare after.

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