ESL Game: Word Association

    ESL Game: Word Association

    Word Association is a great game to practice vocabulary, introduce a topic, assess what students know or even revise vocabulary from earlier classes. This game is great at focusing a class but make sure they can explain their answer (level depending).


    1. To Start, give students an initial word. Choose a word from a topic they have studied recently. For example, if students studied ‘fruit’ recently you could start with ‘banana’.
    2. The next student has to say a word that is related to ‘banana’. So the student might say ‘monkey’. Then the next student takes their turn and must say a word related to ‘monkey’. The game continues like this until all the students have said a word or a time limit is reached.
    3. If a student says a word that has no obvious connection, encourage them to give a reason for their answer.
    4. Enjoy and have fun!


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