Bomb Interactive

    Bomb Interactive

    Bomb is one of my students favorite games and as such I have decided to update it for Smart boards. I have posted the printable version of this game here.

    The game is now fully interactive. Bomb can be used as a scoring system to make reviewing vocabulary, grammar etc more entertaining. 


    Activity Time:  10 +
    Materials required: Smart White board, smart notebook software. 
    Level: All levels
    Download: Download

     How to play:

    1. Students select the number or tell you the position of the card they want to select.
    3  2. Click on the card and the card will turn around and reveal either a bomb, point or no points. 


    4.    If the students reveal points this is added to their points. If they hit a bomb they loose all their points. You can edit the number of bomb cards and points cards if you like. There are currently three bomb cards, one blank card and six points cards ranging from 5 – 15 points. 
    I use this game when I play quizzes with my students. Every time each team or each student answers one or two questions correctly they choose a card. The team with the most points wins.  After a long class this game can be a great reward for good work in class.
    You can use the cards as any scoring system for any game you play in class. Most groups enjoy the risk factor of the game and it makes any game more interesting.
    For more interactive white board game visit the smart board section.


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