ESL Game Close Your Eyes

    ESL Game Close Your Eyes

    ESL Game Close Your Eyes is a simple game for young learners to practice speaking on a number of topics. It is a simple way to practice vocabulary and descriptions for clothes, colours, classroom objects, flash cards or any target language can be used.

    1. First, choose a student and tell the student, “Look at ______. (another student in class)”
    2.  Allow the student to examine the person or maybe an object in class for about five seconds. Then, direct the student to “close (their) eyes!”
    3. After the student have closed their eyes, ask him/her question about the person or object they examined before they closed their eyes. Ask the student a question. For example, What colour is John’s shirt? The student for example may respond ‘John’s shirt is green.’
    4. If the student gives an incorrect answer, then another student tries. Award points for correct answers.
    5. Enjoy and have fun!
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