ESL Game: 3 Minute Discussions

    ESL Game: 3 Minute Discussions

    3 Minute Discussions is a speaking activity which works well with lower-intermediate teens and adults. This activity is a great way to practice part 4 speaking with PET students or just to practice expressing and giving opinions of different topics.

    Level: Teens and adults Lower Intermediate + (B1 +)

    Time: 10 – 20 minutes

    Learning Objective: Practice speaking, asking and sharing opinion on different topics.

    Materials: A copy of the printable cards below, a timer


    1. First, print and cut out the sets of cards below. You will need one copy per group of students.
    2. Before starting, it can be useful to go over some phrases and expressions that students might find useful to agree and disagree and ask other for their opinion. See below for some useful phrases and expressions.
    3. Put students into pairs (larger groups are possible but allow extra time). The topic cards should be put face down on the table.
    4. One student is the leader. They must select one of the topic cards and state their opinion. Then they should ask  the other student their opinion and then keep the conversation going.
    5. After the 3 minutes is up, the leader selects another topic and the students should talk about that topic for a further 3 minutes.

    Alternative ideas: 

    • Have students change partners every three minutes.


    Phrases and Expressions

    Stating an opinion

    I think / believe / feel that …

    My opinion/ argument/ position/ stand/ viewpoint is …

    As far as I’m concerned …

    The way I look at it / see it …

    If you ask me, …

    In my opinion, …

    They should / shouldn’t …


    Asking for an opinion

    What do you think about …?

    What’s your opinion?

    How do you feel about … ?

    What are your thoughts on …?

    Where do you stand on …?


    Asking for agreement or disagreement

    Do you agree / disagree with that?

    Are you against or for …?

    What do you say to that?

    Do you see it my way? Are you with me on this?


    Agreeing with an opinion.

    I agree with you

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    You’re right / absolutely right .

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