ESL Game: Liar!

    ESL Game: Liar!

    Liar! is a simple activity where students describe and answer questions about images. Students have to listen to a volunteers description of a picture and decide if they are lying or telling the truth about the image.

    1. Before class, print out a copy of the four student cards below. In class, get 4 volunteers to come to the front of the class. Hand each of them one of the cards below in a folder (so that other students cannot see their picture).
    2. Have each volunteer take turns giving a truthful description of their picture, except for the volunteer with the blank piece of paper. This student should invent a description to fool the class.
    3. Encourage the class to ask questions to try to expose the ‘liar!’.
    4. After the class votes to decide who they think the ‘liar!’ is. Then, the volunteers show their images.
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