ESL Christmas Game: Stop Santa’s Sleigh

11 Dec, 2018

ESL Christmas Game: Stop Santa’s Sleigh

Stop Santa’s Sleigh is a simple festive activity that works well with teens and even adults. In this activity students play in pairs. The teach gives students a category such as ‘Name three Christmas traditions” and then the students have to write three Christmas traditions and then say ‘Stop Santa’s Sleigh’  are the winner of that round. Keep reading to find a printable list of categories and the full instructions.

Activity time:  10 minutes +

Level: Teens and adults  (B1 +)

Skills practiced: Vocabulary and speaking


  1. First, put students in pairs.
  2. Tell your students that you are going to give them a category related to Christmas and they must write 3 things that answer the question. 
  3. Do one practice round with students and then start the activity.
  4. Find a list of categories below.



Three Christmas decorations

Three Christmas traditions

Three Christmas Carols

Three Christmas movies

Three things you eat at Christmas

Three Christmas presents

Three things on your christmas table

Three green Christmas decorations

Name three of Santa’s reindeer

Name three things you would decorate a snowman with

Name three bad presents


Don’t forget to comment with any ideas, suggestions or successes!

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