ESL Christmas Debate

    ESL Christmas Debate

    ESL Christmas Debate involves holding a debate with your students on the topic of Christmas. This activity can be used as an end of class activity or if you follow the plan below will take at least 30 minutes. This activity is suitable for teens and adults with a level of intermediate and above. 


    1. Put students into groups and assign them as ‘for’ or ‘against’.
    2. Show or tell students the statement and give them 5 – 10 minutes to prepare their ideas. Encourage students to guess what their opponents might say and prepare a counter argument.
    3. Begin the debate by allowing one of the teams to make their arguments. Encourage each student to talk. A typical debate would follow the following structure:

    The teacher introduces the debate and reads the motion: “Christmas has become too commercial.”

    ‘For’ team – turn 1

    ‘Against’ team – turn 1

    ‘For’ team – turn 2

    ‘Against’ team – turn 2

    ‘For’ team – turn 3

    ‘Against’ team – turn 3

    ‘For’ team – final remarks, closing arguments

    ‘Against’ team – final remarks, closing arguments

    4. The teacher, or the students can decide who won the debate.

    Debate Topic Ideas:

    • Christmas has become too commercial.
    • Christmas should not be a national holiday.
    • Santa is not a good role model for children.
    • Christmas is just about shopping and money and not about family and friends.
    • What is Christmas really about?
    • Children on the naughty list should not get presents.
    • It is better to be naughty than nice.
    • We should greet each other with “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”?
    • Christmas of the past was better than the Christmas of modern times.
    • Christmas songs shouldn’t be played until after the 6th of December.


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