ESL Game: Picture Story Dominoes

    ESL Game: Picture Story Dominoes

    Picture Story Dominoes is a fun activity for young learners, teens and adults. In this game, students are given a number of pictures. The students take turns putting down the pictures next to one already on the table. The students must continue the story from the last picture domino. If they can continue the story they can leave their picture piece on the table.  If the student is unable to continue the story with their piece they must take the piece back.

    Aim: To practice speaking, story creation. Could be used to practice tenses etc

    Level: Young Learners 7 + , teen and adults (A1+)

    Materials: Print the picture dominoes below or create your own based on what students are studying.

    1. Print and cut up the domino picture cards for your students.
    2. Next, from the cards choose one card that will be the start of the story. Then. give each student 3 – 5 pictures cards.  
    3. The first student then must choose one of their cards to continue the story.
    4. The next student places one of their pictures and has to continue the story. If they are not able to, they must keep their picture.
    5. Continue until one student no longer has any pictures or when only one student has pictures left.  
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