Halloween Family Fortunes Quiz

24 Oct, 2014

Halloween Family Fortunes Quiz

Halloween Family Fortunes QuizThis activity is a Halloween version of Family Fortunes (Family Feud in America), the popular quiz show. Halloween Family fortunes quiz is a fun simple game to practice Halloween vocabulary with young learners, teens and even adult groups.

As in the original programme, people have been asked a number of questions. Their answers have been ranked 1 – 6. Students, in teams, must guess what they think the answers will be and  they are then awarded the points if they are correct.

Activity Time:  15 – 20 mins +
Materials required: PowerPoint Presentation click here
Number of students: 2 +
Skills practiced: Listening, speaking and Vocabulary.
Level: A2 +


1. Tell students the question. In their groups they guess what words are on the list. They are awarded the points if they are correct.


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