Trick or Treat

28 Oct, 2012

Trick or Treat


Halloween is a great, fun event for your ESL students to get away from their textbooks. In this post, I have a fun game that will save you time and add to any lesson ideas that you have already planned. 

Trick or Treat. ESL Game for the Halloween Season

[spacer_small] Trick or treat is a very simple activity to set up and is always enjoyed by my students. I have prepared two versions of this game; one for young learners and another for teens.

Activity Time:  15 mins +
Materials required: A bag/box, a copy of the printable and some candy.
Level: Young learners and teens.
Printable: Young learners and Teens


1. Print out a copy of the young learners’ sheet or the teen sheet and cut out the cards.[spacer_small]

2. Put the cards into a bag or box.

3. Students pick a card from the box/bag. If they pick a treat, they get candy. If they get a trick card they have to answer a question or challenge to get a treat. The card is given to another student to ask the question and the answer to difficult questions are written on the card. There are a total of 9 treat cards and 18 trick cards.
Halloween Family Fortunes Quiz
Guess the Halloween Idiom ESL Halloween Activity for teens



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David has been teaching ESL for a number of years across Asia and Europe. He currently lives and works in Seville, Spain where he has been teaching for the past three years. He is currently studying an MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education in TESOL.


  1. Arthemis Siqueira

    Congrats a million times and thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing such a simple, practical and amazing idea!!!!!!

  3. Hey David,
    I have been teaching esl for 3 years now – can’t believe I only found your website now. I have definitely used a lot of these games, and I must agree they are all winners.
    You have some fantastic ideas and games and your lesson plans are wonderful. Thank you so much for making them available to everyone!

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