May and Might

    May and Might

    Might and may activities for ESL Students
    This post will focus on an activity to practice may and might, the models of possibility. These words are usually introduced to young learners and teens at different stages of their courses. Introducing this key language in a fun and engaging way is key to students remembering the target language. This is a great activity to introduce “might and may” in a fun and interactive way.


    1. Tell the students they are going to see a picture. They have to guess what the picture is by saying “It might/may be a ….”Might and May (Click to download and view)

    2. Get students to guess what the pictures might be. Encourage them to use the language and make corrections where needed.

    Homework ideas 
    Get your students to take pictures with their phones or cameras. Play the game with their photos.
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    1. Thanks so much for the presentation. My students really enjoyed trying to guess what the mystery photos represented ( just as I enjoyed hearing them use “might” with glee !)

    2. thanks so much , i’ll apply and use with my students

    3. Thank you very much. Great Idea and presentation!

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