ESL Classroom Brain Teasers

    ESL Classroom Brain Teasers

    Brain Teasers are a fantastic way of engaging students and can work well in the classroom. Brain teasers are puzzles where your students have to think to find a solution to the problem. They require students to often think in unconventional ways and as such can be a fun activity for everyone in the class, not just the best students.

    Ways to use Brain Teasers in the classroom

    As a Warmer/Cooler

    Start/end your lesson with a Brain Teaser. Have students read a brain teaser and try and think of a solution to the problem. After a few minutes, have students discuss their possible solutions.

    As a conversation starter

    Display a Brain Teaser and have students work in pairs or groups to discuss their solutions to the problem. After, have the different pairs/groups explain their ideas.

    Between activities

    Show your students a Brain Teaser in between activities to give students a short ‘active time’ break between activities and help refocus.

    Use to practice grammar

    Brain teasers are a great way to use modals of speculation (It could be…, I think it might be… and It may be that…) with your students.

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