ESL Game: Monkey in the Middle

ESL Game Monkey in the Middle
28 Jun, 2018

ESL Game: Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle is a fun group activity for young learners which helps students to practice and review vocabulary of different categories. In this activity, students have to say words from a given category while trying the pass the ball without the students in the middle getting the ball.

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials required: A small ball

Skills practiced: Vocabulary (relating to different categories)

Level: All level


1. Prepare a list of categories of vocabulary you want the students to review and practice.

2. Ask the students to form a large circle

3. Select a student who will be the monkey in the game, ask the monkey (the selected student) to stand in the middle of the circle

4. Give the other students a category from the list you have. Example: Food

5. The students then toss the ball among themselves making sure that the monkey does not get it.

6. The student tossing the ball must say a word that belongs to the selected category.

7. If the monkey catches the ball, the student who tossed the ball becomes the new monkey.

8. If any student cannot say a word that belongs to the category, they become the new monkey.

9. Ensure you change the category whenever there is a new monkey.

10. Enjoy and have fun.

Note: The list of vocabulary depends on the level your students.

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