ESL Game: Correct the Mistake

    ESL Game: Correct the Mistake

    Correct the Mistake is a simple activity that can be used when teaching grammar with language learners. In this activity the teacher dictates sentences to students that contain errors. The students must listen and write the sentences and then in pairs correct them. This activity is especially useful after students have learned a new grammar point as it allows them to apply the new rules they have used for a grammar point.

    Aim: To practice listening and grammar correction

    Level: Young learners (10 +), teens and adults (A1 – C1+)

    Materials: Sentences for the target language point which contain errors.

    1. Dictate to students a number of sentences that contain a grammar mistake. (This could be errors with articles if studying articles, badly conjugated verbs if studying verb tenses, conditional sentences with errors and so on) It is best to target a specific areas students are studying but with higher levels, more than one error may be present.
    2. Students listen and write the sentences. Then, in pairs students use their notes to check the sentences and correct the mistakes.
    3. After, check the sentences and have them explain what they think the error is.
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