Yes, No, Maybe

    Yes, No, Maybe

    Yes, No, Maybe is a simple speaking activity that is great fun for young learners and even teens.

    Level: Young learners, teens A2 +

    Materials needed: A set of vocabulary cards. These can be flashcards or you can create your own. A set of fruit flashcards are available below.

    1. To start, first print out and cut up a copy of the cards below. In this pre-prepared activity the topic is food but this can be changed to any theme students may be studying.
    2. When playing, a student first selects a card. The other students in class must ask questions about the card but the student who has the card can only respond with “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”.
    3. You can award points for correct questions or for students guessing the correct answer.

    You can set the number of questions or set a time limit that students have to decide what the fruit is.

    Variation : Give students small pieces of paper and get them to draw their own words from a unit.

    Tip : Keep printed cards and use them to revise vocabulary at the beginning or end of class  and end of units.

    Would you like to see more flashcards available here? Leave a comment below and we will add more flashcards based on your suggestions.

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