ESL Game: Mime the adverb

ESL Mime the adverb
11 Jan, 2018

ESL Game: Mime the adverb

Mime the adverb is a simple and fun no-prep activity to practice adverbs with elementary, intermediate and even advanced students. This game is suited best with teens and adults but could be adapted with young learners.


  1. First, print out the adverb cards and cut them up. See below for pre-prepared sets of cards for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels which can be printed out and used in class.

ESL Game Mime the adverb Cards

2. A student selects a card and must mime any action they want while the rest of the    class has to guess the adverb.

3. You can award points to the student or in teams for each word correctly guessed. Set a time limit to make the game more challenging.



Extension: Make a set of verb cards and have students act out the adverb and verb for more practice and fun.

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