ESL Talk about the Picture

    ESL Talk about the Picture

    Talk about the Picture  is a great activity to introduce a topic or just as a break from the book to get students talking and practicing English. This activity is also a great warmer at the beginning of class and can be used regularly to improve students’ speaking skills.

    To start, first find some images that students can discuss in class. You can find these images using the internet ( ), from magazines or newspapers or even take your own. Choose images that are relevant to the topic you are studying. However, you will also find some pre-prepared in the printable below. For this type of activity it is best to choose images that have a lot of action happening.

    Talk about the pictures – version 1

    In the first version of this activity, ask students to look at the image and say as many things as they can in two minutes. You could put students in teams and have them compete or play as a class. Draw a tick on the board for each grammatically correct sentences students form.

    For more advanced students – version 2

    For more advanced students, challenge them to say 30 things about the photo in 2 minutes. Practice this activity regularly to see if students can beat their record with different images.

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