5 Revision activities for the classroom

    5 Revision activities for the classroom

    revision activities for the classroomBy the time students get to the end of term, their interest in preparing for exams can usually use some help. This post will look at five revision activities for the classroom that can be used to help students revise for exams with some fun and interactive learning activities before they do their exams.

    Show me the answer!

    Make revision more interactive by getting students to use mini whiteboardstrue or false cards, hand signals, coloured cards (Green/red) or buzzers to answer questions on topics they have covered.
    Depending on your class, pairing students or putting them in teams may help weaker students.

    Word Scramble 

    Write words that you want the students to revise on a piece of paper and cut them up into the letters. Put each word into an envelope of a folded piece of paper.

    1. Put students in pairs and give them five words. Tell them not to open the envelopes until you say.
    2. Students open the envelopes and try to decide what the words are.
    3. The first group to finish must put their hands up and then they need to explain the words to the other students. Award points for each word correctly explained.
    Variation: Get the students to make up their own lists of words for other pairs in the class. 

    Running Dictation 

    This classic game is great for practicing grammar structures, vocabulary or topics.
    1. Put students in pairs or small groups.
    2. Display a copy of a text or topic you want your students to revise on the wall at one end of the classroom or outside the classroom if you have space.
    3. One student from the group has to run up to the text and read and memorize a sentence and then return to their group and tell the others what he/she read.
    4. Then the next student goes and reads the next line.
    5. Students continue until the text is completed. Then, groups swap their dictations and check how many errors have been made.

    Grass Skirts 

    This game is always enjoyed by students and gets them thinking about words. You can find all about this game here.

    Students Teach

    Getting students to teach others is a great way to involve them in learning.  This activity works better with students who are a little older.

    revision activities for the classroom - to teach is to learn twice over

    1. Put students into groups or pairs.
    2. Assign each group a unit from their book. They must create a small presentation which includes the grammar point and important vocabulary from that unit.
    3. The groups make a short presentation explaining some of the key points from the unit.
    4. Get students to vote for the best/most useful presentation. A reward of stickers or sweets can be a great motivator for kids and even teens!




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