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First Class Ice Breaker

First Class Ice Breaker

The summer holidays are over and the first class is just around the corner. Although it feels like you have forgotten how to teach don’t panic!

This first post of the new school year has a simple activity to get you through that first class.
Interview cards 
This activity is a great mixer activity to get students talking and getting to know each other.
Activity Time: 15 mins +

Materials required: A copy of the printable. One card per student. View / Download
Skills practiced: speaking, question forming, ice breaker 
Level: A2 + Young teens up

1. Review question formation with students. On the board give them basic prompts e.g

Name/What – encourage students to create the proper question. 

2. After students have reviewed and practiced, give each student one of the questionnaires. (Download)
Put students in pairs and get them to ask their partners questions to fill out the questionnaire.

3. After the students have completed the questions get each student to introduce their partner and tell the whole class what they have learned about their partner.

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