ESL Technology

    ESL Technology

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    ESL Technology is a great way to introduce a unit dealing with the topic of technology etc. Its practices key skills such as reading and speaking.

    Activity Time: 20 mins +
    Materials required: slide show, printable handout.
    Skills practiced: Speaking, reading, speculating, brainstorming
    Level: Teens and adults.


    1. In pairs, get students to brainstorm 3 inventions that they think are important and would appear on a list of the top ten most important inventions ever. (Slide 2)
    2. Get students to share their ideas with the class. Write down their ideas on the side of the board and ask them to explain why they think this gadget should be included etc.
    3. Put students in pairs or small groups and give them a copy of the handout and get them to guess what each invention described on the handout is.  (printable handout)
    4. Check what each group has decided and then check their answers with slide 7.
    5. Ask students to discuss the questions from slide 8.

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