Where to find it

    Where to find it

    Where to find it
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    This activity is a great way to use authentic materials in the classroom. I have used this activity in summer schools where I could get free English newspapers. However anyone living in a major city should have no problem sourcing newspapers. 
    Remember newspapers can be used in a lot of different ways so you will get good value out of them.

    Activity Time:  15 Minutes 
    Materials required: One newspaper for every two – three students, White label stickers (one for each group). 
    Number of students: 10 (You could use less)
    Skills practiced: Reading and writing.
    Level: Intermediate and above

    1. Before class look through the newspaper. Find one article that interests you. On a label write rough instructions as to what the article is about and where it is located in the newspaper. Affix this to the front of the newspaper. 

    2. Give each group of students a newspaper. Ask them to browse the newspaper and find an article that interests them. Ask them to fill in the label with a brief description and and rough location of the text. Tell them to keep a note of the page location of the text.

    3. When all groups have completed task two. Get students to swap newspapers and each group try and find the other groups articles, and then they write the page location. Whatever group finds all the articles first is the winner.

    4. Check the winning groups answers. 

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