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    ESL Game: Verbictionary

    Verbictionary is a variation of the classic game pictionary. In this version, students are split into two teams. One member from each team is shown a verb by the teacher. Next, the two students must draw a picture to represent the verb. The first team to guess the verb correctly are the winners. After, another […]

    FCE Speaking Activities

    This post looks at two different FCE speaking activities to practice speaking skills with exam students, but both of these activities can be used with lower level students. These activities are easy to adapt and as such can be used  regularly to practice for Part 2 and 3 of the FCE and CAE exams. Wordle headlines This activity is a […]

    Trick or Treat

    Halloween is a great, fun event for your ESL students to get away from their textbooks. In this post, I have a fun game that will save you time and add to any lesson ideas that you have already planned. Trick or treat is a very simple activity to set up and is always enjoyed by […]

    Teacher Class Survey

    “There can be no educational development without teacher development;….the best means of development is not by clarifying ends but by analysing practice.” Lawrence Stenhouse   Getting feedback from your students is vital in my opinion to develop as a teacher. While most institutions will require you to give your students a feedback questionnaire, these usually dont […]