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    ESL Bomb Game

    ESL Bomb is a simple way to bring a little fun and excitement when revising material or playing games with your students. This activity can be used with quizzes, while revising, correcting homework and so on. If students get an answer correct they can choose one of the squares. If they get a number they […]

    ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog

    Ship in the Fog is a fun and simple way to practice directions with your students. In this activity students make an obstacle course in the classroom. After, a blindfolded student must complete the obstacle course while being given directions verbally by the other students.  Activity time: 5 minutes and above Level: Young learners, teens. […]

    ESL Game: Sound Charades

    Sound Charades is a super fun game for young learners but could be also used with other levels. This version of charades is played the same as the original but in this version you can only make sounds. Students can either write their own or used the prepared cards. A student from the class selects […]

    ESL Game_ Tongue Twister Running Dictation

    Tongue Twister Running Dictation

    Tongue Twister Running Dictation is a simple activity to practice reading, writing and speaking skills with ESL students. In this activity, students work in pairs or teams to read a tongue twister and then run to their partner who has to write the tongue twister. This activity is a great way to get students out of […]

    ESL Sentence Starters

    ESL Sentence Starters

    ESL Sentence Starters is a simple warmer that you can use with teens and adults. This simple no-prep warmer can take only a few minutes of class time to get students going at the beginning of class.  Method: Start by selecting a sentence from the list below. Write the sentence on the board and ask […]