Five Things That…

    Five Things That…

    Five Things That… is a fun warmer which works great with teens and adults but can also be used with young learners. In this activity students have to write five things that the teacher tells them. For example, the teacher might say “write five things that are yellow.” Then, the students write their list of ideas. This is a great game to get students thinking about vocabulary quickly and working in pairs. This game can be used at the beginning of class or as a cooler at the end of class.

    1. Put students into pairs.
    2. Then tell the students that they must write five things that… (see the download for a list of ideas you can use)
    3. The students must write their answers as quickly as possible. The first team that writes five things that meet the criteria, wins!
    Other ideas 
    • Have students match the ideas of the teacher. The team with the most answers similar to the teacher wins.
    • Before starting the game get students to remember a short tongue twister. Practice saying the tongue twister a few times and then see if students can remember it. After, when playing the game above, students must say the tongue twister when they have written five things in order to win the point. This is a great way to make this activity a little bit more difficult and adds to the fun a great deal. You will find a list of tongues twisters here.

    Try our online version of this game here

    Name five things that…

    • Are made of plastic.
    • Are small enough to fit in your pocket.
    • Are bigger than a plane.
    • Are round.
    • Are listened to.
    • Are read.
    • Are watched.
    • Are worn in summer.
    • Are popular in (student’s country).
    • You use everyday.
    • Are kept in your car.
    • People eat for breakfast.
    • Are in this classroom.
    • Are useful.
    • Are yellow.
    • Are good for your health.
    • Are small enough to fit in a match box.
    • Smell sweet.
    • Are used when you go shopping.
    • Are needed to study at school.
    • You can write with.
    • Can break.
    • Are sharp.
    • Use batteries.
    • Tropical fruits.
    • You could find at a front door.
    • Are red foods.
    • Are vegetables.
    • Are used by policemen.
    • Are used to play sports.
    • You would see at an airport.
    • Are hot and you drink.
    • Are related to Harry Potter.
    • You can turn.
    • Are silver.
    • You can sit on.
    • Are sports brands.
    • Can fly.
    • Are found in a zoo.

    We have made an online version of this game called Name 5!. Click here to play it now.

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