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Halloween Idioms

Guess the Halloween Idiom ESL Halloween Activity for teensThis activity is a simple way to have fun introducing your students to some Halloween idioms. This activity is perfect for teen and adult classes and is a great way to learn some idioms while having some seasonal fun.

Level: B1, B2 (FCE), C1 (CAE) and C2 (CPE).

Materials: PowerPoint

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Time: 15 minutes+


  1. Put students in pairs or groups. 
  2. Explain that they are going to see pictures which visually represent some Halloween idioms.
  3. In their groups, students must decide what the idiom is. If a group gets any of the words correct, they get a point for each correct word.
  4. After each idiom the teacher awards points to each team and explains the meaning of the idiom. Ask students to think or explain similar expressions in their own language.
  5. Get students to predict what the Idiom might mean and how would it be used. 
  6. Have fun!

1. Make someone’s blood boil. – to make someone very angry

Ex: It just makes my blood boil to think of the amount of food that gets wasted around here.

Halloween english idiom Make someones blood boil 

2. Ghost town – A ghost town is a town that has been abandoned or is in decline and has very little activity.

Ex: This town is a ghost town, there is never anything happening.

English halloween idioms ghost town

3. Stab in the back – to stab someone in the back means to betray them
Ex: After all I did for him, he stabbed me in the back when he told all those lies about me.

english halloween idioms stab someone in the back

4. Skeleton in the Cupboard – a scandal that is kept secret
Ex: James has a few skeletons in his cupboard and is terrified that he will be found out.

Halloween english idiom Skeleton in the closet

5. Skeleton staff – the fewest number of people needed in an office
Ex: We always operate with a skeleton staff over the Christmas period.

English Halloween idioms Skeleton Staff

 6. Scared to death – so scared that you cannot move

Ex. I am scared stiff of walking on ice.

Halloween English Idiom Scared to death


7. Scare the pants off someone – to frighten someone a lot
Ex: The film “Nightmare on Elm Street” scared the pants off me.

 English Halloween idiom Scare the pants off someone

8. Make the blood run cold – to totally scare you
Ex: The screams in the woods made my blood run cold.

English Halloween Idioms'Blood run cold'

9. In cold blood – to act in cold blood is to do something without any emotion and deliberately
Ex: The victim was shot in cold blood.

In cold blood Idiom english halloween

10. witch hunt – an investigation carried out under the pretext of uncovering illegal activity but is actually used to harass people with different views.
Ex: The Government has been accused of carrying out a witch-hunt on small businesses.

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ESL Hobbies Activity

Speculation about hobbies FCE CAE ESL In this activity, students practice speaking about hobbies speculating what the hobbies might be. This activity is great for FCE and CAE students who need to speculate in their speaking exam. It is also great for other levels to practice using modals of speculation in an entertaining speaking activity.


Level: B1 +

Materials: PowerPoint presentation.

Time: 20 minutes+

Download (PPTX, 2.39MB)


1. Students begin by talking about their own hobbies and answer the questions in pairs. After, get feedback from the students.

2. Before students begin the activity it may be useful to discuss the language they will use to speculate about the hobbies.


Modals of speculation CAE FCE

3. Students look at the pictures and speculate what the hobby might be from what they can see in the pictures. After, ask the students what they think the hobby is and if they would like to do this hobby etc. After each slide is an explanation about the hobby and the people. Check that students understand the information/vocabulary etc.

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