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    ESL Odd One Out online Game Movers Cambridge

    ESL Odd One Out

    ESL Odd One Out is an online game that is a great way to practice vocabulary and speaking with young learners. This activity is great to help students practice for the Cambridge Movers exam. In total there are 8 rounds with 3 sets of pictures in each round. Age/Level: Young Learners (Cambridge Movers) Time: Varies depends on needs […]

    Yes, No, Maybe

    Yes, No, Maybe is a simple speaking activity that is great fun for young learners and even teens. Level: Young learners, teens A2 + Materials needed: A set of vocabulary cards. These can be flashcards or you can create your own. A set of fruit flashcards are available below. Method To start, first print out […]

    ESL Game Alphabet Wave

    ESL Game Alphabet Wave

    ESL game Alphabet Wave is a fun and simple way to practice the alphabet or spelling with young learners. Can’t see the video? Click here How to play Give each student an alphabet flashcard or two depending in your class size. Play ‘the Alphabet Song’ and while the music is playing students must hold up their […]

    ESL Halloween Game: Monster Parade

    Monster parade is a simple Halloween activity for young learners. This is a great way to follow-up new monster vocabulary in a fun and interactive way to get students moving.   Did you enjoy this activity? Leave a comment below with your ideas, suggestions or comments.


    Colours and Fruit is a great game for kindergarten. This game is easy, but you have to make sure that the young learners are familiar with the vocabulary you want to practice and check with them or else they will feel discouraged and find it difficult to play. Activity time: 10 minutes Materials required to play […]