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ESL Vocabulary Circle

ESL Warmer: Vocabulary Circle

Vocabulary Circle is a simple warmer activity for the beginning of class. This activity is suitable for most ages and all levels. You can start vocabulary circle by first picking a lexical group such as food, animals, jobs, colours etc, or by choosing a part of speech such as noun, verb, adjective or adverbs.

If you choose animals, the first word said should start with ‘A’. So such as the first word could be alligator. The next student would say an animal that starts with ‘B’, and so on.

With lower levels the teacher or other students can help others if needed.

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ESL Writing Prompts with Pictures

In this activity students practice creative writing. The students/teacher selects who, what, where and when. With this information students create a short story based around the information.

Activity Time:  20 mins + (Could be used as a quick warmer alternatively.)
Materials required: Paper and pencil for each student.
Skills practiced: Writing and speaking
Level: 5+

1. Students press the buttons on the prompt generator to create a story.

Give students directions where they need clarification. Try and encourage them to be creative. There are no wrong answers.

2. Give students a set amount of time to write their story. This activity can be done in groups or individually.

3. When students finish, get them to tell their stories.

Example stories made with the generator

ESL creative writing prompt generator

Click here for full screen


ESL Warmer: What is it?

Can’t see the video? Click here.

1. Choose some pictures of objects that are familiar to your students.

2. Show a small proportion of the picture. Get the students to guess what the picture might be.

3. Get students to bring their own pictures.

ESL Telegram Warmer

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

ESL Telegram is a simple warmer that can be used with all levels and is a great activity to let students be creative.