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ESL Icebreaker_ Human Spelling
3 Jul, 2018

ESL Icebreaker: Human Spelling

Human Spelling is a fun icebreaker activity that is a great class introduction activity for young learners, teens and even adults. In this activity, students are put into teams and given a clue. First they must work out what word the clue is and then spell the word using only their bodies. This activity is […]

22 Mar, 2018

Five Things That…

Five Things That… is a fun warmer which works great with teens and adults but can also be used with young learners. In this activity students have to write five things that the teacher tells them. For example, the teacher might say “write five things that are yellow.” Then, the students write their list of […]

ESL Game Dictionary Race
15 Feb, 2018

ESL Game Dictionary Race

Dictionary Race is a simple yet versatile ESL game that is great for developing dictionary skills with students. In this activity, the teacher gives students a list of unfamiliar words. These words may be from a text that they are going to read or from a new unit they are about to study. Students work […]

ESL Mime the adverb
11 Jan, 2018

ESL Game: Mime the adverb

Mime the adverb is a simple and fun no-prep activity to practice adverbs with elementary, intermediate and even advanced students. This game is suited best with teens and adults but could be adapted with young learners. Method First, print out the adverb cards and cut them up. See below for pre-prepared sets of cards for elementary, intermediate […]