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Against the Clock

ESL Game: Against the Clock

Against the clock is a simple ESL game that can and can be added a part of your classes’ regular revision routine. Write new vocabulary students cover in class on pieces of paper. Put the pieces of paper in a box or container. Every week, month or during end of unit reviews give one of the students the box. Tell the students that they must explain as many words as possible as they can from the box in a set amount of time e.g two minutes. Then another student tried. Whichever student explains the most words correctly is the winner.


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ESL Telegram Warmer

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ESL Telegram is a simple warmer that can be used with all levels and is a great activity to let students be creative.

ESL Crosswords

ESL Crosswords is a simple activity that can be used as a warmer, for revision or as an end of class activity. Its a great way to revise vocabulary and practice spelling etc. 


1. On the whiteboard write a word that the students have studied recently. 

2. Students in pairs or on their own take turns adding adding words to the main word. They are given points for every word they add. 

3. If students write a word you are revising they get double points! 

Quick Fire Vocabulary


1. Give the students small pieces of paper. Tell the students to write down vocabulary that you want them to revise or you can get them to write down nouns etc
2. Students write down the words and put them in a container. Put the class into teams. 
3. Set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes or however long you wish. The teams take turns. Students take words from the container and explain them to their team. When the team says the correct word, the next student takes their turn and moves onto the next word. The objective of the game is to explain as many words as possible in the time allowed. Whichever team guesses the most correct words is the winner.