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    esl warmer strange uses

    ESL Warmer: Strange Uses

    Strange Uses is a simple ESL Warmer for teens and young learners and even adults. In this activity students work in pairs to think of alternative uses for objects. This activity is a great way to allow students to use their creativity while settling down to class. Aim: To Brainstorm alternative uses for objects Levels: Lower Intermediate […]

    ESL Game Spontaneous Scatter Sheet

    ESL Game: Spontaneous Scatter Sheet

    Spontaneous Scatter Sheet is a simple ESL warmer for teens, young learners and adults. In this activity, students brainstorm vocabulary related to a topic and then explain the meaning of the words. This activity is a great way to see what students already know before starting a new topic. Method First, tell students a topic […]

    ESL Activity in the News

    ESL Game: In the News

    In the News is a fun writing activity for teens and young learners. In this activity, students create a news story based on another students experience. This activity is a great way to practice writing, speaking and questions forming. This activity is very student-cantered and a great way to personalise writing for students in a fun […]

    ESL Warmer: Numbers in my Life

    Numbers in my Life,  is a quick no-prep way to get students talking. In this activity, students choose three numbers that are significant in their lives. After, students try to guess the meaning of a volunteers numbers. If the class cannot guess the significance the student tell the students what those numbers mean to them. This […]

    ESL Christmas Story Recall

    ESL Christmas Story Recall

    ESL Christmas Story Recall is a simple activity for young learners. Students are told or watch a short video about a Christmas story. Then, in pairs or groups they try to rewrite the story and then retell it. This is a fun activity to get students speaking and writing on the topic of Christmas. Alternatively, […]