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ESL Dice Questions
30 Oct, 2018

ESL Dice Questions

Dice Questions is a fun way of getting students to practice question forming. This game requires two dice or you can use our interactive online classroom dice. In pairs, or as a class, students take turns rolling the dice. Each number on the die corresponds to a type of question – ‘who’, ‘what, ‘where’, ‘why’ […]

ESL Game Strange Words
12 Jun, 2018

ESL Game: Strange Words

Strange Words is a simple activity that is aimed at intermediate and above students. In this activity students are given unusual and strange words from the English language. In teams,  students must invent a definition for the word. Later, the teams are shown all the definitions plus the actual definition and each team must guess […]

ESL Game_ The ship comes loaded
29 May, 2018

ESL Game: The Ship Comes Loaded

The Ship Comes Loaded is a simple and challenging game that can be played without preparation. This game is effective for learning and reviewing vocabulary beginning with a certain letter and your students will love it. Activity time: 10 minutes Materials required: None Skills practiced: Vocabulary (beginning with certain letters) Level: All levels Method Ask […]

ESL Game_ Alphabet Portraits
22 May, 2018

ESL Game: Alphabet Portraits

Alphabet Portraits is a simple game that is great consolidating activity to practice upper and lower case alphabet but is also a great way to build rapport with students in class. In this activity students make pictures of people using only the alphabet to draw them.     Aim: Practice writing the alphabet and build […]

esl warmer strange uses
17 Apr, 2018

ESL Warmer: Strange Uses

Strange Uses is a simple ESL Warmer for teens and young learners and even adults. In this activity students work in pairs to think of alternative uses for objects. This activity is a great way to allow students to use their creativity while settling down to class. Aim: To Brainstorm alternative uses for objects Levels: Lower Intermediate […]