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ESL Valentine’s Day

This week’s post looks at some activities that can be used in the ESL classroom this Valentine’s Day. There are some great simple ideas for teens and adults. Make sure you join in my interactive “Love is …” project and post your students ideas on Twitter with the hashtag #ESLLoveis (For more info, look below in part 3 of “Valentine’s Day Explained” post.)

Valentine’s Day Explained

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required: Each student needs a piece of paper and a pen.
Skills practiced: Listening, writing and speaking.
Level: Teens and adults. Lower Intermediate
1. Show the class the video below and stop the video at around 0:51 seconds. Ask the students to answer the following question in pairs. Ask them to write their answer. (Show the video a second time if required.)
How did Valentines day start?
2. Ask the students the write down the following numbers. Tell them they are going to watch the video again. This time they must write down the significance of the numbers.
270 AD
496 AD
1415 AD
Late 1800’s
35 Million
189 Million
3. After you have checked their answers, ask them which facts they found most interesting and why.On the board write “Love is …”

In their pairs, ask the students to finish the statement.Here are some quotes to give them some inspiration:Love is like a friendship caught on fire”  Bruce Lee

Love is only a little foolishness with a lot of curiosity” George Bernard Shaw

Love is an irresistible desire to irresistibly desired” Robert Frost

“Love is the flower you’ve got yo let grow” John Lennon 

“Love is like a red red rose” Robert BurnsPlease contribute

Please send on your classes “love is..” creations to me either on twitter @eslkidgames, #eslloveis or via email where they will be featured with my classes’ quotes to spread the love this Valentine’s day. 

Valentines Day Facts

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required: Printed infographic for each set of students
Skills practiced: Listening, writing and speaking.
Level: Teens and adults. Lower Intermediate
1. Print the following infographics. One between two or three students.

2. Give each group their own infographic.  Ask them to read the infographic and create a mini presentation on the top five most interesting facts they read on their infographic.

3. Each group tells the other groups the information that have read and the class discuss the information.

4. The whole class then picks the top five pieces of information discussed. If you have time you could encourage the class to develop their own infographic based on their top five facts.

Valentine’s Day ESL Questions

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required: a copy of the printable
Level: Teens and Adults all levels.
Printable: Download OR ViewGet the class talking with over 15 Valentine’s Day questions.

Find more Ideas for teens and adults here 


Stop The Bus

ESL Games Stop the Bus ESLKidsGames.com TEFL Games

Stop The Bus is a simple and fun vocabulary game for any level or age group. This game will quickly become one of those regularly requested games in class.

Activity Time:  5 – 10 mins +
Materials required: A piece of paper for each team to write on. 
Skills practiced: Vocabulary revision, brainstorming and quick thinking. 
Level: All levels (Young learners, teens and adults)


1. Put the class into pairs. 

2. Get each group to choose a category. Some examples that could be used are: 

fruit, animals, cities, countries, famous people, brands, clothing, phrasal verbs, verbs,  etc.

I always suggest a topic that practices some target vocabulary. If it’s a difficult topic, you could award points to any team who gets a word etc. 

3. Write each category on the board. After you have done this, you choose a letter from the alphabet. For example, B.

The teams must then write, as quickly as possible, a word from the category that starts with the letter B on their piece of paper.

For example, imagine the letter is C. The students have chosen the following categories:

  • Fruit 
  • Phrasal Verb
  • Countries 
They would write on their piece of paper; 

Come over

When they have written a word for each section, they must shout out “Stop the bus!”

4. The teacher can then check their answers and in the case of the phrasal verb, check their meaning of the word. Award points to the team and then choose another letter and repeat. 

This game is always a success in class and is always enjoyed. It’s a great way to practice vocabulary and quick thinking. 

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