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PET Describe the Photo

Click here for the full screen version

This activity allows students studying for the Preliminary English Test (PET) to practice the “describe the photo section” (Part 3) of the speaking exam. This application works on mobiles, iPads and on digital whiteboards.

There are 26 photos in total in this version of the activity and offers plenty of practice for students preparing for the Cambridge PET exam.

Use the “tips” and “phrases” section to allow students to practice key skills required in the exam before they begin the practice session.

The timer allows the teacher and student to complete the task in the required time. Press “set” to set one minute on the timer and then press “start” when the student is ready to begin.

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ESL Password

“Password” is a great game that can be used again and again for revision of vocabulary. This is a game every ESL teacher should know. This game is great with kids, teens and adults and is always a popular game with groups. 

Activity Time: 10 mins +
Materials required: whiteboard.
Skills practiced: Vocabulary and spelling. 
Level: Young learners
1. Divide the class into two teams. Put a chair in front of the whiteboard facing the class. 
2. One person from one of the teams sits in the chair. Write a word on the board that team can see and not the person in the chair. The team then have to explain that word to the person in the chair without saying the word. You can set a time limit if you wish.
If the student says the word their team gets a point.
3. The second team now try. The team with the most points win.