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    ESL Speaking Activity: Positive, Negative and Interesting

    Positive, Negative and Interesting is a quick speaking activity that works well with adults and teens. In this activity, the teacher tells the students an idea. The students then analyse the idea by discussing the positive, negative and interesting aspects of the idea. This activity is a great way to get students to think creatively […]

    ESL Game 3 Minute Discussions

    ESL Game: 3 Minute Discussions

    3 Minute Discussions is a speaking activity which works well with lower-intermediate teens and adults. This activity is a great way to practice part 4 speaking with PET students or just to practice expressing and giving opinions of different topics. Level: Teens and adults Lower Intermediate + (B1 +) Time: 10 – 20 minutes Learning Objective: […]

    ESL Game Dictionary Race

    ESL Game Dictionary Race

    Dictionary Race is a simple yet versatile ESL game that is great for developing dictionary skills with students. In this activity, the teacher gives students a list of unfamiliar words. These words may be from a text that they are going to read or from a new unit they are about to study. Students work […]

    Proverb Review

    In ‘Proverb Review’ students practice speaking while discussing common English proverbs. Students discuss the proverbs meaning and compare them to proverbs in their own language. This is simple activity is great to practice speaking and translation with adults and teens at the beginning or end of class. This activity is great for adult and teen […]

    Just a minute Christmas challenge

    Just a minute Christmas Challenge

    Just a minute Christmas Challenge is a simple no-prep activity that is great for teens and adults with a B1 (intermediate +) level. Students have to describe a photo in as much detail as they can for one minute. Students are awarded points if they can keep talking for one minute and extra points if they […]