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    ESL Christmas Story Recall

    ESL Christmas Story Recall

    ESL Christmas Story Recall is a simple activity for young learners. Students are told or watch a short video about a Christmas story. Then, in pairs or groups they try to rewrite the story and then retell it. This is a fun activity to get students speaking and writing on the topic of Christmas. Alternatively, […]

    FCE Speaking Activities

    This post looks at two different FCE speaking activities to practice speaking skills with exam students, but both of these activities can be used with lower level students. These activities are easy to adapt and as such can be used  regularly to practice for Part 2 and 3 of the FCE and CAE exams. Wordle headlines This activity is a […]

    Wordle In The Class

    A very happy New Year and a welcome back to you all. 2013 is a new year and I have many fresh ideas to start the term anew. So, what is a Wordle? A Wordle is simply a word cloud that can be great resource to teachers. This post will look at a number of […]

    Literal Lyric Video

    Everyone has heard of Literal videos, but this week’s post will look at literal lyric videos as a way of developing English Language skills. Click the video to view an example video made by my class.  The concept is very simple. You select a song (preferably related to the current topic the students are studying) […]

    Where to find it

    Where to find it   Photo by NS Newsflash This activity is a great way to use authentic materials in the classroom. I have used this activity in summer schools where I could get free English newspapers. However anyone living in a major city should have no problem sourcing newspapers.        Remember newspapers can be […]