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4 Christmas Activities

ESL Christmas Activites teens, adults and young leaners

This post focuses on Christmas activities and games for the ESL classroom. Ranging from young learners to adults, these activities are sure to bring festive cheer to any classroom!

Christmas Taboo

Activity Time:  15 mins +
Materials required: a copy of the printable.
Level: Young learners and teens.
Printable: Download

Christmas Taboo is a simple game you can play in class to revise Christmas vocabulary. The objective of the game is simple; each person takes a card and they must describe the word on the card without saying or using that word or any of the additional words written on that card.

Christmas Quiz

Activity Time:  10 mins
Materials required: a copy of the printable
Level: Young learners.
Printable: Download

This simple quiz can be used to test your classes knowledge of Santa Claus. This quiz can be used in a number of different ways, but I’ve personally had success with putting the class into teams of pairs and using it with The Bomb Game. To add to this quiz, get your students to write one question each about Christmas. You can use this quiz with “bomb” for Smart board or with the printable version.

Conversation questions

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required: a copy of the printable
Level: Teens and Adults all levels.
Printable: Download 

Over 25 different questions to get the class talking about Christmas.

Christmas Video Facts

This is a great simple activity to practice their reading and writing skills while talking about some unusual facts about Christmas.

Activity Time:  15 mins
Materials required: A computer to play the video
Level: Teens and Adults Intermediate +

1. First put your class in pairs. Tell them to write down the following information on a piece of paper or on their notebooks. Make sure they leave space so they can write information next to these numbers and words.
2. Tell them they are going to watch a video. One person will watch the video and tell their partner about the relevance of the information they have previously written.
3. Play the video twice and then check their answers.

That concludes this Christmas special. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy the holiday break. Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook and on Twitter

Don’t forget to comment with any ideas, suggestions or successes!

Trick or Treat

Halloween is a great, fun event for your ESL students to get away from their text books. In this post, I have a fun game that will save you time and add to any lesson ideas that you have already planned. 

Trick or Treat. ESL Game for the Halloween Season

Trick or treat is a very simple activity to set up and is always enjoyed by my students. I have prepared two versions of this game; one for young learners and another for teens.

Activity Time:  15 mins +
Materials required: A bag/box, a copy of the printable and some candy.
Level: Young learners and teens.
Printable: Young learners and Teens


1. Print out a copy of the young learners sheet or the teen sheet and cut out the cards.

2. Put the cards into a bag or box.

3. Students pick a card from the box/bag. If they pick a treat, they get candy. If they get a trick card they have to answer a question or challenge to get a treat. The card is given to another student to ask the question and the answer to difficult questions are written on the card. There are a total of 9 treat cards and 18 trick cards.
ESL Halloween Zombie

Enjoyed this game? Have some suggestions? Leave a message and let me know!