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Four Pictures One Word

This week’s game is a simple yet great way to practice English in class while having fun.  This game is suitable for a number of age groups and English levels.

In ESL Four Pictures One Word, students view four related pictures and they must guess the word that connects them all.

Activity Time:   10 – 15 minutes +
Materials required: Powerpoint presentation below. 
Skills practiced: Speaking, listening, writing.
Level: Pre- intermediate +


1. Split the class into teams.

2. Explain the game to the students. Tell them that they are going to see four pictures. The four pictures are connected by one common word. In their groups, they must decide what the word is. To ensure that they understand, try this example.

ESL Four pictures one word Example eslkidsgames.com

3. Now begin the game. For each correct answer, each team gets one point. If both teams guess the correct answer, they both get the point. To avoid any problems, ask the teams to write down their answer before they say it.

Download (PPTX, 1.41MB)

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Enigma is a quick and simple ESL game you can put together in no time. It’s a great ESL game for teens and adults of all levels but can be easily adapted for younger learners. It’s a great activity to practice question forming and practising vocabulary from previous lessons etc. It’s also an enjoyable way of creating fun and unusual stories and could even be used as creative writing starters.

Activity Time:  10 minutes +
Materials required: White board and marker.
Number of students: 2 +
Skills practiced: Listening, speaking, question forming and Vocabulary.
Level: All levels

1.Draw a crime scene on the board such as the example in the picture. 

ESL Lateral thinking logic games Enigma Problem solving
Enigma crime scene example

2.Students ask/answer yes or no questions.

3.Students have to work out what happened.

Lateral Thinking problems

Another way to encourage teen and adult students to speak is through using lateral thinking problems. These are easy to set up and I have found that students enjoy this story creating activity.

Students can work in pairs or in a group where they ask questions and the teacher can only give yes or no answers.

So, here are a number of lateral thinking problems with their answers.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are dead. They are in a locked room on the 20th floor. In the room, there is a table, a puddle and some broken glass. There is only one window in the room and the wind is blowing the curtains. Apart from the bodies of Romeo and Juliet, there is nothing else in the room. How did Romeo and Juliet die? 

Romeo and Juliet were actually goldfish. The wind blew over their bowl, and they suffocated on the floor. 

The Broken match
A man is found dead with a broken match in his hand. 

After their hot air balloon began to lose altitude, the passengers drew matches to see who would have to jump out in order to save the rest.

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