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Halloween Idioms

This activity is a simple way to have fun introducing your students to some Halloween idioms. This activity is perfect for teen and adult classes and is a great way to learn some idioms while having some seasonal fun. Level: B1, B2 (FCE), C1 (CAE) and C2 (CPE). Materials: PowerPoint Download a copy here Or Printable version […]

ESL Speaking Activity Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is a speaking activity design for teens. Preparing teenagers for exams like the FCE can be difficult. The materials in the book are not always as exciting as you or your students might like. Recently I have tried to make practicing speaking more enjoyable for my students. This is the second of a number […]

Trick or Treat

[spacer_small] Halloween is a great, fun event for your ESL students to get away from their textbooks. In this post, I have a fun game that will save you time and add to any lesson ideas that you have already planned.  [spacer_small] Trick or treat is a very simple activity to set up and is always […]