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    ESL Halloween Game: What's In The Box

    ESL Halloween Game: What’s In The Box

    ESL Halloween Game: What’s In The Box is a classic Halloween game that can be used to engage young learners on the theme of Halloween. Watch the video to see how to prepare this activity and below the video, you will find some suggestions of what you can put inside the box. Some ideas of […]

    ESL Halloween Game: Monster Parade

    Monster parade is a simple Halloween activity for young learners. This is a great way to follow-up new monster vocabulary in a fun and interactive way to get students moving.   Did you enjoy this activity? Leave a comment below with your ideas, suggestions or comments.

    ESL Halloween Game Guess who

    ESL Halloween game Guess Who is a fun Halloween activity to get students writing and speaking about different Halloween monsters and goblins. Watch the video below for details on how to use this activity in class. As always, enjoy and have fun! Method As a class, brainstorm a list of creepy Halloween creatures such as […]

    ESL Halloween True or False

    ESL Halloween True or False is a fun activity for teens and adults to practice vocabulary and encourage discussion on the topic of Halloween while learning some interesting facts about this holiday. This activity requires no preparation. Below you will find a pre-prepared presentation with 9 true or false questions about Halloween. Pictures of vocabulary […]

    Halloween Family Fortunes Quiz

    This activity is a Halloween version of Family Fortunes (Family Feud in America), the popular quiz show. Halloween Family fortunes quiz is a fun simple game to practice Halloween vocabulary with young learners, teens and even adult groups. As in the original programme, people have been asked a number of questions. Their answers have been […]