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    ESL Three Picture Story

    ESL Three Picture Story is a simple activity to get students speaking and creating a story. This minimal prep game is great for teens and even adults. Materials needed: Three pictures (see  download below for an example) Method Find three images on the internet or in a magazine. The first image should show some people […]

    ESL warmer finish the thought

    ESL Warmer Finish the Thought

    Finish the thought is a simple warmer to start class. This activity is best suited for teens and adults of all levels. Start by writing a sentence on the board and ask students to complete it any way they wish. Some sentences you could write include: Today I’m happy about…. Today was great because… Today will […]

    5 ESL Writing Activities For Children

    This post will look at 5 ESL writing activities for children. These activities are great for  developing writing skills with young learners in the ESL classroom.   Trace Develop motor skills with very young learners with tracing activities. Children trace shapes, letters or words from picture prompts on their partners hand’s or back. The children take turns […]