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    ESL Warmer Game Name 10

    ESL Warmer: Name 10

    Name 10 is a simple warmer/cooler get students focused at the beginning or end of class. In this activity students have to work in pairs or individually and write a list of ten things based on what the teacher says. This activity is particularly useful to practice sets of vocabulary with students  in class.  Activity […]

    ESL Game: Sound Charades

    Sound Charades is a super fun game for young learners but could be also used with other levels. This version of charades is played the same as the original but in this version you can only make sounds. Students can either write their own or used the prepared cards. A student from the class selects […]

    ESL Game Name It!

    ESL Game: Name It!

    Name It! is a simple reasoning game where students have to guess the keyword by listening to some clues. Each additional clue the students receive reduces the amount of points they can get. This game that can be either played cooperatively (as a class) or competitively (in teams). Aim: To practice vocabulary and listening skills. […]

    ESL Game_ Connect Four Word Formation

    ESL Game: Connect Four Word Formation

    Connect Four Word Formation is a great game for students studying for Cambridge exams such as FCE, CAE and CPE. In this activity, students look at the root of a word and have to turn the word into a noun, verb, adjective or adverb. The first team to get four squares in a row are […]

    ESL Game Outburst

    ESL Game Outburst

    Outburst is a fun vocabulary for young learners and teens. In this activity students brainstorm words on a topic and try and match their ideas to the teachers ideas. This is a great activity at the beginning of a unit, at the end of a unit as revision or as a fun end of class activity. […]