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ESL What can you remember?
27 Feb, 2018

ESL Game: What can you remember?

What can you remember? is a little or no-prep activity that can be used as a warmer or as an end of class game. In this activity, students look at a picture and try and remember as many details as possible about the image. After, students write as many details as they can remember in teams. […]

ESL Game Dictionary Race
15 Feb, 2018

ESL Game Dictionary Race

Dictionary Race is a simple yet versatile ESL game that is great for developing dictionary skills with students. In this activity, the teacher gives students a list of unfamiliar words. These words may be from a text that they are going to read or from a new unit they are about to study. Students work […]

ESL Odd One Out online Game Movers Cambridge
9 Feb, 2018

ESL Odd One Out

ESL Odd One Out is an online game that is a great way to practice vocabulary and speaking with young learners. This activity is great to help students practice for the Cambridge Movers exam. In total there are 8 rounds with 3 sets of pictures in each round. Age/Level: Young Learners (Cambridge Movers) Time: Varies depends on needs […]

ESL Crazy Sentences
25 Jan, 2018

ESL Crazy Sentences

ESL Crazy Sentences is a fun sentence construction game for lower level learners and is suitable to be used with young learners, teens and even adults. Level: Beginners to lower intermediate (A1 – B1) Time: 15 – 20 Minutes Materials: Copy of the printable download (see below) print them on different colour sheets of paper so it is easier […]

18 Jan, 2018

Proverb Review

In ‘Proverb Review’ students practice speaking while discussing common English proverbs. Students discuss the proverbs meaning and compare them to proverbs in their own language. This is simple activity is great to practice speaking and translation with adults and teens at the beginning or end of class. This activity is great for adult and teen […]