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ESL Speaking Activity_ Picture Profiles
18 Sep, 2018

ESL Speaking Activity: Picture Profiles

Picture Profiles is a simple speaking activity that is a great way to practice describing people’s physical appearance and personality. In this activity, students work in pairs and look at a portrait photo of a person and describe the person’s appearance and build a profile of that person using a number of categories. Activity time: […]

ESL Game 3 Minute Discussions
8 May, 2018

ESL Game: 3 Minute Discussions

3 Minute Discussions is a speaking activity which works well with lower-intermediate teens and adults. This activity is a great way to practice part 4 speaking with PET students or just to practice expressing and giving opinions of different topics. Level: Teens and adults Lower Intermediate + (B1 +) Time: 10 – 20 minutes Learning Objective: […]

ESL Warmer: Creative Match
3 May, 2018

ESL Warmer: Creative Match

Creative Match  is a simple warmer or cooler activity that is a simple way to get students thinking and speaking. In this activity, students are shown two random items and they have to guess what connections there are between the two items. Aim: To practice speaking. Level: All levels Learning Objectives: Practice speaking and making […]

19 May, 2013

Who am I?

“Who am I?” is a game that is sure to get your ESL students speaking and having fun. This simple activity is easily prepared and is always enjoyed by teen students. This activity is a great addition to units talking about popular culture or a great way to get students interested in speaking.  Activity Time: 10 […]