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    Dictogloss Tongue Twister

    Dictogloss Tongue Twister

    Dictogloss Tongue Twister is a fun warmer/cooler that can be used with young learners, teens and even adults. During Dictogloss Tongue Twister, students listen to the teacher saying a tongue twister. Then, students must rewrite the tongue twister and later, in pairs/groups, use their notes to recreate the full tongue twister. Later, students can practice saying the tongue twister. […]

    ESL What can you remember?

    ESL Game: What can you remember?

    What can you remember? is a little or no-prep activity that can be used as a warmer or as an end of class game. In this activity, students look at a picture and try and remember as many details as possible about the image. After, students write as many details as they can remember in teams. […]

    ESL Game Liar!

    ESL Game: Liar!

    Liar! is a simple activity where students describe and answer questions about images. Students have to listen to a volunteers description of a picture and decide if they are lying or telling the truth about the image. Method Before class, print out a copy of the four student cards below. In class, get 4 volunteers […]

    ESL Tongue Twisters

    ESL Tongue Twisters is a fun game for young learners, teen and even adults to practice pronunciation or just to warm up at the beginning of class. This activity is suitable for all levels but take care to choose tongue twisters that are suitable for your class. Method Write a tongue twister on the board. Get […]

    ESL talk about the picture

    ESL Talk about the Picture

    Talk about the Picture  is a great activity to introduce a topic or just as a break from the book to get students talking and practicing English. This activity is also a great warmer at the beginning of class and can be used regularly to improve students’ speaking skills. To start, first find some images […]